• Byungchul Kim, Useok Jeong, Kyu-Jin Cho, “Analysis and Design of Dual Tendon Routing for the Under-actuated Tendon-Driven Robotic Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, submitted.

*Only limited contents are included in this page because the research has not yet been published. This page will be updated later.

In the wearable robot research, a tendon transmission is well used because it makes the wearing part compact and simple by locating the complicated, bulky, and heavy components (e.g., controller, actuator, battery) far from the wearing part. However, it is also true that the tendon transmission has several disadvantages such as friction, non-linear configuration and elongation.

For this reason, I have tried to solve the disadvantages originated from the inherent characteristics of the tendon transmission. To relieve this disadvantages, I have optimized the tendon routing of the Exo-Glove. Using the optimized tendon routing, I have designed a Exo-Glove II which is the next version of the Exo-Glove that was developed to assist the hand fucntion of the SCI people.

The main contribution of the Exo-Glove II is the under-actuated tendon path optimization and the details of the optimization process is described here; details of optimization process is also not described sufficiently because the paper related to this content is not published yet.