• Byungchul Kim, Kyubum Kim, Sejin Jeong, Kyu-Jin Cho, “Exo-Glove Shell: A Hybrid Exo-Glove for the Thumb Opposition with an Under-Actuated Tendon-Driven System,” in preparation.

*Only limited contents are included in this page because the research has not yet been published. This page will be updated later. For more information, please see [Supplementary Site] prepared for the peer review.

Design approach of the Exo-Glove Shell

As explained in the Hybrid wearable robot design page, in the wearable robot researches, the robot characteristics highly depend on the compliance of the robot component. For this reason, I have tried to use both rigid and soft component in designing the wearable robot; the robot design approach are described in this page. Details of the design approach of the Exo-Glove Shell will be updated after the publication of the paper.